Brazil’s Investments partnerships program: 25 New projects

Brazil has embarked in an ambitious privatization plan. Since 2016, 140 projects were concluded, generating a total revenue of EUR 60 billion. Most projects involved energy generation and distribution (94), airports (16), ports (21), and oil& gas (7). With the recent creation of a Special Secretariat for Privatization and Disinvestment, under the newly-formed Ministry of Economy (which encompasses the portfolio of other former ministries), the aim of the Brazilian government is to intensify this process.

Only in March 2019, 12 airports, four port terminals and one railroad were successfully granted to the private sector, with domestic and foreign companies making their bids.Twenty-five other projects are expected to change hands from the state to the private sector until the end of the year and 94 until 2022, mainly in infrastructure areas, under the Investment Partnership Program.

Discussions are under way regarding the possible capitalization of Eletrobrás, Latin America’s biggest power utility company. Further information on the Investment Partnership Program can be found at

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