Every year the most awaited part of the ball season is its beginning, however, all the coffee lovers were waiting for the end of the ball season in Slovakia, because this year’s season was closed by “the biggest coffee event of the year”, the 1st Coffee Ball in the world. The sixth year of this event, organized by the member company of the BSCC, took place on February 22, 2020 in Trnava. The INTERNATIONAL COFFEE INSTITUTE with its Founder and President Oldřich Holiš decided to continue the idea of “uniting people, countries and generations for a good cause” this year as well.

“The coffee culture needs to stand on a healthy foundation, which undoubtedly includes young people and students who thanks to their passion and love for the barista profession can bring prime experience to every cup of coffee. We have a number of skilled students in Slovakia who care about the future of the coffee scene. They regularly exchange their experiences in the junior competition “SLOVAK BARISTA CUP, which we organize.

The winners of the competition are flown to Brazil and visit coffee plantations to learn about the Brazilian culture, life stories of farmers and, of course, the secrets of preparation of a quality coffee.”

At the 6th year of the 1st Coffee Ball in the world, names of the best baristas of 2019 were announced selected among40 students from 20 secondary vocational schools and hotel academies in Slovakia. The prizes, along with tickets to Brazil for coffee plantations, were handed over by honorary guests of the ball.

After the awards ceremony for the best baristas, two more flight tickets to Brazil were awarded to lucky winners selected in a draw.

The event also included a charitable aspect, when two families with disabled children received a donation thanks to all the guests and partners. A financial contribution was given to two strong fighters – Nikolka Poláková from the civic association Nikolka oz, which struggles with a unique diagnosis of Chylothorax, cerebral palsy and autism, andNikolka Filipová, who was born with Down syndrome. 

“We would like to thank all the guests of the 6th year of the 1st Coffee Ball and our partners, thanks to whom we managed to prove again that even in our small Slovakia we can do great things together.”

Oldřich Holiš, Founder and President



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