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The Brazilian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) is a civil association of natural and legal persons, established in 2017, under the Slovak legislation, designed to promote, develop and further the economic well-being of its members as well as promote bilateral trade.

Role and Purpose

The primary purpose of the BSCC is to play an active role in promoting bilateral trade and investments. It does so in pursuing the following objectives, in particular enhancing common economic and other interests of its members;

  1. reinforcing the commercial and economic relationship between Brazil and Slovakia;
  2. creating a greater appreciation of the value of international investments;
  3. performing the function of the information and intermediary centre for Brazilian companies and investors in search of business partners in Slovakia;
  4. preserving the competitive enterprise system of business by creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of businesspeople and for the challenges and risks they face;
  5. helping to reconcile the interests of its members in the area of entrepreneurial activity and protecting them from unfair commercial relations;
  6. liaising and developing contacts with chambers and similar institutions in Slovakia and concluding agreements with them;
  7. assisting and promoting the organization of economic and trade missions and delegations;
  8. gathering and disseminating knowledge and information on trade, political, legal, customs, environmental and economic conditions abroad, and for that purpose publishing professional publications;
  9. addressing controversies that are detrimental to the expansion and growth of business if they arise;
  10. ensuring the promotion of the commercial interests of its members in Slovakia, including through the participation in exhibitions and fairs;
  11. analysing binding business legislation;


The associated members encompass enterprises from both nationalities, and various sectors, such as technology, machinery, refrigerators, agricultural products and mineral goods, along with different scopes, from services to investments and trading.

Brazilian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce

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+421 907 516 116

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