BSCC bids farewell to outgoing Brazilian Ambassador to Slovakia and welcomes the new Ambassador

During BSCC latest ordinary plenary meeting, Chairman Milan Cigáň thanked Ambassador Luis Antonio Balduino Carneiro for his endeavour to promote stronger ties between the business communities of Slovakia and Brazil. Ambassador Balduino Carneiro started his mission in Bratislava in February 2017 and BSCC was established with his support while leading the Brazilian Embassy. He took over the position of Ambassador of Brazil to Colombia in December 2019.

The new Ambassador of Brazil in Bratislava is Mr. Eduardo Gradilone, who had previously been the Brazilian top representative in Turkey and presented his Letter of Credence to President Zuzana Čaputová in February 2020. Upon meeting Chairman Milan Cigáň, Ambassador Gradilone highlighted his enthusiasm to support the cooperation between the Brazilian Embassy and BSCC.  


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