A message from the Ambassador of Brazil

As the new Ambassador of Brazil to Slovakia, I am glad to represent the Embassy at the Brazilian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce – BSCC. At this challenging juncture that the world is facing caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, international dialogue is of utmost importance. Although the pandemic has momentarily impacted on trade and travel, I am confident that we will overcome this situation more resilient than before. As we turn this page, international business ties will play a crucial role in promoting the well-being in our countries. And the BSCC is a key channel to boost business relations between Brazilian and Slovak entrepreneurs.

Brazil and Slovakia have a lot to share when it comes to trade and investment. Brazilian companies are among the biggest employers in Eastern Slovakia, manufacturing products with high technology content to be exported to the rest of Europe and the world. Slovak companies have found in Brazil a strategic platform to expand their business with sophisticated services and products. Not to mention our strong complementarity in the automotive complex and the growing presence of Brazilian food in Slovak shelves and tables. Yet the potential for this cooperation is far from fully tapped.

A clear evidence is the remarkable growth in bilateral trade over the past years, as shown by the statistics available in this newsletter. At the Embassy we have noticed a sharp increase in the number of information requests from Brazilian and Slovak companies looking for partners and market opportunities. The historical Mercosur-European Union Agreement, clinched in June last year, has the potential to multiply these opportunities, which makes us all the more optimistic about the business outlook for Slovak and Brazilian companies.                     

I am excited to be part of this process also within the BSCC framework, where relevant players, big or small, come together to share their experiences and make a joint effort to promote mutual interests. I look forward to the early resumption of joint events, missions and initiatives in order to make the member companies flourish, for the prosperity of our countries.

Eduardo Gradilone, Ambassador of Brazil to Slovakia


The Brazilian Official Residence in Slovakia has recently been relocated to new larger premises. “This stems from the high importance that Brazil attaches to its relations with Slovakia, particularly in the economic and commercial sphere, and our confidence in the strengthening of these ties”, notes Ambassador Gradilone.



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