Commemorative stamp on the diplomatic relations between Brazil and Slovakia and Brazil and the Czech Republic

In 2020, Brazil celebrates the centenary of its diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic and with Slovakia, both successors to Czechoslovakia.

On June 29, 1920, the first Czechoslovakian legation to Brazil, Jan Klecanda Havlasa, presented his credentials to then Brazilian President Epitácio Pessoa. The following year, Carlos Lemgruber Kropf took office as Head of the Brazilian legation to Czechoslovakia.

Brazil maintained dynamic relations with Czechoslovakia until 1993, when the Czech Republic and Slovakia were created. That year, they were recognized as independent states by Brazil.

Today, Brazil’s relations with each of those countries benefit from the affinities that bring governments together: at the economic level,  due to the liberal orientation and the search for new trade partnerships, and in the political field, thanks to the converging views on the challenges of the international agenda.

To mark this important date, the Brazilian Post Office has issued a commemorative stamp on the centennial of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the Czech Republic and between Brazil and Slovakia.



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